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Learn more about how commercial plumbing diagnostics can save you time, money and trouble.

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Commercial Plumbing Diagnostics in Gilbert, Az

Edwards Plumbing takes pride in going above and beyond what our customers expect. We have a 25-year reputation for serving Gilbert, AZ with trustworthy, professional commercial plumbing services. One of the best ways we help our customers save money is by providing diagnostic tests. We cover all the bases from toilets and drains to fixtures and pipes. You can call our technicians 24/7 and they’ll arrive promptly to inspect and diagnose any plumbing issues you’re experiencing.

What You Can Expect

Commercial plumbing diagnostics provides you a big picture view of how well your plumbing and pipe system is performing. Specialized tools such as cameras, leak detectors and infrared thermometer guns help pinpoint problems. Once an inspection is completed, you’ll receive a report listing recommendations for upgrades or repairs. A diagnostic test is ideal for the following circumstances:


Commercial diagnostic check-ups protect the health of your system over the long haul. Taking this one step can prevent expensive plumbing failures down the road.

Going the Extra Mile

As a family owned and operated plumbing company, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with superior service. Our top priority is making sure you have all the information you need for making repair service decisions. This is why we always make it a point to give free advice when you need it. We also keep our prices reasonable, so you can afford to get the needed installations, repairs or replacements. You can be confident that top-notch technicians will work on the job because every Edwards Plumbing contractor is licensed, bonded and insured.

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The best way to deal with plumbing issues is to prevent them whenever possible. You can do this with commercial plumbing diagnostics. Learn more about how this service can save you time, money and trouble. We’re here to help. Give us a call at (480) 689-1452.

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