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A lack of water softener, no water softener, or build up in water heater due to hard water.

No, in many cases chemical drain cleaners can do my harm than good.  Chemical drain cleaners rely on powerful chemicals, such as lye, caustic potash, peroxide or bleach. Because of their high toxicity levels, they are hazardous if inhaled or swallowed. They can also cause burns if it comes in contact with skin.  These chemical drain cleaners can also cause damage to plumbing and have long-term negative affects.  When the chemicals sit for a long time, they damage the drain pipes.

Yes, especially in Arizona.  The calcium and magnesium are mostly to blame for the hard water in your home. Hard water can leave your skin while taking a shower dry.  Hard water can also be seen while doing household chores. Hard water is to blame for dingy looking clothes, dishes with spots and residue, and bathtubs with lots of film and soap scum.

You have to remember that a lot of debris ends up in your shower drain from hair, shampoo cap, soap scum, dirt, sand and much more.  This all adds up over time.  We often find lots of hair blocking up the tub drain.

Most garbage disposals have a bolt that you can turn to rotate the disposal blades manually and resolve minor clogs. Use the wrench to manually turn disposer’s motor shaft first counterclockwise, then clockwise until the obstruction is dislodged. If you can’t turn the motor, proceed call a plumber to resolve the problem.

As a plumber, we would not suggest too much of anything for instance potato skins, egg shells, carrot skins, celery skins and rice and anything that will slip past blades.  These can often cause blockages.  That being said, we know that most people rely on their garbage disposals and like anything use your judgement.  Don’t put a lot of waste in all at once.

Bad cartridge and hard water.  Over time the hard water builds up minerals and causes the faucet to drip.  Luckily, this is an easy fix.

The best way to prevent leaky pipes is to install a water softener and make sure your water pressure is appropriate for your home.  Water softeners can really extend the life of the pipes in your home.

If you live in Arizona and own a pool, that could be the first place you look.  Otherwise, it could be a hot or cold side slab leak, pull filler valve, leaking fill valve on toilet or bad flapper.  The best thing to do is call a licensed plumber and have them perform leak detection services to find and fix the source of the leak.

Will cause a blockage or a slowing of drain lines.

The first place you may notice is on your water bill with an increase.  You can also feel hot spots on floor, or see a spinning water meter.

Most water heaters will not increase the value of your home, but if you install a tankless water heater your home value can go up because of its many benefits.

It may be possible that the water heater is rusted out and the rust is coming through the water heater.  In this case, call a licensed plumber for assistance.

Pex tubing.

Copper is always going to be the best and most expensive, Pex tubing is what all new homes are plumed with and your best solution as far as cost and tubing comes with 25 year warranty and much more less labor intensive.

This is typically an appliance issue, not a plumbing issue, but may be due to pump in the dishwasher not pushing enough water out of the appliance.

Yes, due to drain location and size of tub.  This would require a professional plumber and is not recommended as a DIY job.

The main water line is typically located in front yard.  This is so that the city and municipalities can access the main water line and shut-off the entire home water supply.

This may be due to some kind of restriction in system for instance, aerator or and water hammer.

This service requires a professional with the proper drain equipment.

Could be a few issues- flush valve, flapper or fill valve.

It all depends on size of home and how many people live in home.  A professional plumber should evaluate these factors to help provide the best and most efficient water heater for your home.

Licensed plumbers are insured and bonded which makes them provide warranty for services.

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