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Re-Piping Services in Gilbert, AZ

Should Re-Piping be a Priority for Gilbert, AZ Homeowners?

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or are moving into a used home, you may find yourself wondering about the need for hiring a plumber to re-pipe old plumbing. Re-piping needs can be determined easily based on plumbing problems you may be experiencing. Let our knowledgeable technicians guide you in determining when to re-pipe and what materials to use.

Common Problems with Old Pipe Fixtures

Re-piping is the process of removing or building around existing plumbing due to age or faults in existing pipes. Re-piping is common in aging homes or in homes where poor materials were used such as lead pipes.  While an inspection is the best way to determine actual plumbing needs, the following signs may be a good indicator that it’s time for re-piping:

 Selecting the Right Materials

The two main material varieties to choose from in today’s plumbing market are copper pipes and polyvinyl chloride pipes more commonly known as PVC pipes. Each material has its benefits and can be used to meet your specific plumbing needs. Copper is known for being durable and long lasting while PVC is a popular choice for being affordable and more accessible in large projects.

Cost and Timeline

Our plumbers can help you determine which piping best fulfills your re-plumbing job and what your most viable options are. If you are concerned about the turn time and cost of re-piping a home in the Gilbert area we can assure you we will make your project our priority.

With years of experience and industry know-how we will set you up with the best value and complete your project within a reasonable time frame. Contact Edwards Plumbing, LLC to schedule an inspection and estimate for re-piping by calling (480) 689-1452.

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