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Trench-less Sewer Line Services in Gilbert, AZ

A Better Solution for Sewer Problems

Sewer line damage occurs for multiple reasons. The most common causes include tree root intrusion and old age. A traditional fix, such as running a drain snake, is a temporary solution. Another option is replacing the sewer line, which is a costly method. Fortunately, there’s an alternative that’s been around for approximately 15 years and most homeowners don’t know about it. It’s called a trenchless pipe repair, and it offers many advantages.

Why Consider a Trenchless Sewer Line

The trenchless method utilizes your existing sewer line. Pipe lining and pipe bursting are the two types of methods plumbers use. With a pipe lining, a resin-coated, flexible tube is inserted in the damaged line. It’s inflated and hardens, which creates a new pipe. It requires one entry point. Pipe bursting requires two access points. This re-lining procedure pulls a new pipe through the damaged line, which bursts the pipe outward.

Trenchless sewer lines offer the following benefits:


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