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Plumbing Services in Chandler, AZ

Chandler Plumbing Contractors

When you need Chandler plumbing contractors to come to your home, you only want to hire the best. At Edwards Plumbing, that’s exactly what you’ll find. We realize each resident is different and every client needs something individual to their situation. Our 20 years of experience with plumbing allows us to put your specific needs first and give you the services you need most.

The Benefits of Hiring Edwards Plumbing

When you hire Edwards Plumbing, you can count on the best service around. The following are just a few benefits you’ll experience with our Chandler plumbing contractors.

  • The Brand Difference – Brands make a difference when you are working with plumbing. We provide products in many of the top brands you have come to love. This includes American Standard, Kohler, Delta and more.
  • Quality Recommendations – With your needs and desires in mind, we offer quality recommendations on faucets, shower valves, sinks and other plumbing fixtures.
  • A Family Feel – Edwards Plumbing doesn’t just act like family, we are family, and we treat you the same way. This personal approach shows in everything we do, especially in your finished project.
  • Qualified Contractors – We staff only the most qualified professionals. Our technicians and contractors are certified, qualified and have years of experience to get your job done right the first time.
  • Free Advice – We understand you don’t want to pay just to have someone tell you how to flip a switch, or to give their opinion on plumbing repairs. We always offer free advice so you can make the hard decisions with all the information you need.
  • Affordability – We work hard to ensure our prices are reasonable and affordable. We want you to be satisfied with the work performed on your plumbing, and you just can’t feel that satisfaction when the bill is off the charts.


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When you need Chandler plumbing contractors you can really count on, contact Edwards Plumbing. We look forward to helping you with all your plumbing needs.

Chandler Leak Detection

Finding Hidden Leaks in Chandler, Arizona

Plumbing leaks are always unwelcome. The simple ones show up under sinks, around toilets and near the water heater. Puddles near the dishwasher and around the shower are more difficult to locate.

What about that wet spot on the wall or the buckling hardwood floor? With water, you can’t assume that the damage occurs at the source of the leak. Water travels and the leak could be far from the damage you see. Unless you know the source of the leak, your only choice is to start tearing out the damaged material. From there, you follow the moisture back to the source.

Don’t destroy your home while looking for the leak. Instead, consider calling in the Chandler leak detection specialists at Edwards Plumbing LLC. We have the equipment and expertise to locate and eliminate your leaks.

It Came From Beneath the Slab

Leaks above your slab foundation eventually show themselves. Below the foundation, it’s another story. A wet spot in your yard or a slight hint of sewage smell are subtle indications of a leak. A runaway water bill is a less subtle hint. A crack in your slab foundation is the least subtle hint of all.

Where possible, our leak-detection cameras can pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Sometimes, the leak is directly beneath the slab foundation. In those situations, our technicians can cut the concrete. Once the plumbing-portion of the repair is complete, they can repair the slab.

Water Damage Doesn’t Take Time off

We know what water damage can do to your beautiful home. We know that the necessary repairs may cause further damage. Depend upon us to perform required demolition work and minimize the additional damage. We will do whatever it takes to end the progression of your water damage. If necessary, our dedicated plumbers will work through the night and make it stop. We take water damage seriously.

Chandler Plumbing Repair

There will inevitably come a time when you need more than a plunger to take care of your plumbing repair needs. When that time comes, Edwards Plumbing is here for you with Chandler plumbing repair. From plumbing emergencies and broken sewer lines to leak detection, we’ve got the situation covered with all the right tools, equipment and industry experience.

From the Simple to the Complex

Rather than look up interior design or home renovation companies if you’re thinking about getting a new vanity sink or toilet, call us up instead. We’d love to help you explore your options and choose the best selection for your unique needs, price range and style. Even better is the fact that we can remove your old fixture ourselves and install the new one.

Maybe all your fixtures are fine but you need a new water heater. If so, we can help you out with that as well. Water heaters now come in a tankless option. While tankless water heaters are more expensive than traditional water heaters, they’re more energy efficient, a fact that does more than just balance things out. Let us know if you’d like for us to inspect your current water heater to see if it may soon be time for you to think about getting an upgrade.

Exemplar Customer Service

Imagine trusting a local business for all your Chandler plumbing repair needs only to have that company treat you more like a burden than a valued customer. At Edwards Plumbing, we strive to offer friendly, prompt service and results that make you smile. Our representatives do their best to return your calls and online inquiries as quickly as possible. The services we provide are fully bonded and insured, and our technicians take steps to ensure their work is done according to the latest regulations and codes.

Don’t go a day longer with plumbing fixtures or appliances in need of repair. Contact Edwards Plumbing today.

Chandler Drain Cleaning

Drains are an essential component of your home. No plumbing system can work without them, yet homeowners sometimes don’t realize how important they are. At Edwards Plumbing, we specialize in Chandler drain cleaning services that help you avoid more serious problems with your entire plumbing system.

Why Should I Contact the Professionals?

When it comes to cleaning your drains, you may wonder why you can’t just do the job yourself. Fortunately, at Edwards Plumbing, we staff qualified experts who have not only the proper equipment, but the proper techniques and experience it takes to get the job done right. There are parts of your drain that you can’t see, but we can, and that’s why you get a thorough cleaning with a professional on the job.

What’s more is we are bonded, licensed and insured. This shows just how much we care about our customers and how much we are confident in the work that we do. Additionally, we have all sorts of customer tips to hand out so when we can’t be there, you still have something to work with.

Why Should I Have My Drains Cleaned?

As was previously mentioned, Chandler drain cleaning is an essential step in keeping your plumbing system running like a well-oiled machine. Some of the issues you can avoid by having your drains cleaned on a regular basis include:

  • Pipe Damage – Drains that are unsanitary or constantly overflowing present a problem to your pipes. Other parts can be damaged as well, and this only means spending more money on replacing those parts.
  • Blockages – If you’ve ever experienced an overflowing toilet due to a blockage, you know how miserable it can be. Clean drains help to prevent that from happening.
  • Undesirable Odors – Raw sewage is an odor you don’t want in your home. Filthy drains that cause backups and blockages will almost always begin to smell undesirable because not everything goes down the drain and stays down there.


Contact the Professionals

As you can see, it’s essential to have your drains cleaned by the professionals once a year or when you notice any symptoms of a blockage. To learn more about Chandler drain cleaning, contact Edwards Plumbing today.

Chandler Water Heater Installation

Water Heating Solutions in Chandler, Arizona

Americans love to shop. To beautify their homes, they shop for furniture, carpets and window treatments. For kitchens and bathrooms, they shop for sinks, tubs, toilets and fixtures. When necessary, they special-order the items they want.

When it’s time for a Chandler water heater installation, shopping takes a back seat to comfort. People like their hot water. When they pick up the phone and call Edwards Plumbing LLC, hot water is what they don’t have. They want a new heater installed quickly. There is no décor to match. It must fit in the same space as the broken one, and it must make hot water.

That’s the total extent of the shopping that many people do. They don’t realize that taking some extra time to answer a few questions can save them money.

Shop for a Different Heater If Yours Couldn’t Keep Up With Demand

If the water heater has a storage tank, consider a larger one. The cost of electricity will be higher, but at least you will have more hot water. If the failed heater has a large tank, consider a tankless heater for a continuous flow of hot water.

Shop for a Different Heater If You Never Run out of Hot Water

Never running out means that your tank may be larger than you need. If that is the case, your energy bill is unnecessarily large. Empty-nesters may find themselves in this situation. A heater with a smaller tank will cost less and use less energy.

Consider the Warranty

The life expectancy depends on the construction of the heater and water quality. You can expect a heater with a long warranty to last longer than one with a shorter warranty. A longer warranty costs more but should give you more time between water heater replacements.

The next time your water heater lets you down, contact us at Edwards Plumbing LLC. Permit us to help you determine what heating solution is best for you.

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