Leak Detection Services in Gilbert, Arizona

Our leak detection services Gilbert, AZ can quickly determine exactly where your pipes are leaking. Edwards Plumbing LLC has the equipment and experience to repair all water pipes. From supply lines to sewer lines, we will pinpoint the leak and repair it.

In the event of a slab leak, our plumbing technicians will cut the cement slab and re-pipe the line. We can also repair the concrete to get you back to normal as soon as we can.

Where possible, our Gilbert leak detection cameras will show precisely where your leaky pipe has failed. Once we determine where your broken pipe is located, we will carefully perform the demolition. Our plumbers will work through the night if necessary to prevent further water damage.

Why water leaks are a serious concern…

Water leaks might at first seem like less of a problem than large-scale flooding. However, though a simple leak doesn’t look as concerning as a wet floor, it can be just as dangerous. It can lead to water damage, health concerns, and further problems and expenses, especially if left unchecked. Water damage from a leak can be particularly complicated because its effect can remain after it is repaired. Previously unnoticed signs of deterioration could even affect the market value of your home.

On the health front, mold and fungi present the greatest concern. In most homes, it’s impossible to get rid of the spores completely. When the area is dry, these spores are left dormant and harmless; however, water leaks will activate them, and they will start to spread. Their influence on health ranges from mild irritation to severe breathing problems, and the effects are even more severe in people with pre-existing conditions.

Water leaks can also lead to structural damage. If materials such as wood or drywall are left to absorb the water, they’ll swell and become less structurally sound. If the same type of damage happens on the support beams, this problem can become extremely dangerous.

Must-know signs of a water leak:

One of the most obvious warning signs of a water leak might be right on the walls. If you notice some discoloration or stains on the part of the wall that was clean just a day before, a water leak is likely behind it. Depending on the exact location of the leak, this staining can be stripe-like or circular. Whatever the case, the stain will often reveal the precise spot of the leak. The one positive side of water stains on walls is that they’re easy to notice and demand immediate action, so there’s a chance water damage won’t spread too much if it is found early on.

Strange odors are another indicator of a water leak. Malfunctioning pipes can spread a strong odor, and sometimes mold can be detected by smell before sight. If you can follow the musty smell to the source, you’ll likely also discover some water stains that will confirm there’s a leak. The moldy odor doesn’t necessarily mean that the water leak’s old. Mold can spread very fast in a moist environment, so the smell can indicate a leak that’s days rather than weeks old.

If the water leak is hidden away in a less-frequented area, it might take some time to discover it by the usual tell-tale signs. However, your water meter will show if there’s an excessive flow of water. If you receive a higher-than-average water bill or notice the meter continues to spin even with the water shut off, you can be sure there’s an undiscovered water leak somewhere. With larger leaks, you might even hear the water flow when no taps are running in the house.

Finally, you might see the walls or ceiling sag. Water from a leak will naturally flow through the least resistant paths and accumulate in the lowest or most porous spot. The weight of the water on the softening material will, in time, start to distort the structure, and you might notice bulges or other deformations on the surface. This means that a water leak has gone undetected, giving the water enough time to flow and accumulate.

If you suspect there’s a water leak in your Gilbert, AZ home, it’s best to treat it as an emergency.

Contact us at Edwards Plumbing LLC if you’re in the Phoenix area, and our team will expertly detect the source of the leak. We’ll repair or replace the faulty pipes in the shortest time possible and ensure the leak and water damage don’t cause further harm to property and health.